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Our Story

It was one cool morning of fall 2017, my wife and me were looking for a particular product which I desperately needed but could not find so easily. Finally, when I found it, it cannot be shipped to the destination, Or the shipping was extremely expensive.

That is the day that this thought came to our mind. Why is it so difficult to get certain things? Why can’t we make a difference? And there started the history of "Blindly Shop".

In the beginning, it was just a few unique and interesting useful products that we were looking for. It was really a wonderful journey from there and the support from our customers was amazing.

Now we are here with tonnes of unique useful products with thousands of happy customers worldwide.  

The Unique Name

Picking a name was tricky for us. Then finally we came up with the most controversial name in the history of ecommerce – Blindly Shop. People were laughing at us. But we were clear because that is exactly the shopping experience that we wanted to create. 

A unique all in one most trusted and secure marketplace where you can "blindly" shop for the best products to buy online, knowing that you will get unique best quality products that you were always looking for at the best and most affordable price tag, delivered to your door steps regardless of your location all around the globe. 

And we made that experience for real.

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.”
- John Keats


The Product line

We work with so may product manufacturers around the globe to bring you the unique products that’s extremely useful in our day to day life. We now have almost any thing that you can think of like tools, electronic accessories, fashion, home, kids, pet healthcare etc. And the list is ever-growing every day.

Not only that but we also take product suggestions from our customers. Something that they really wanted and will try to make it happen for them. That is why our customers love us. 

We are on a mission

The journey was tough, but the mission was clear. To get the unique products to our customers – what they want where they wanted.

The mission is to make our customers happier, more joyful people with products that are as affordable accessible and useful. Now we are serving over 120k+ repeat happy customers.

Our vision

Our vision is clear and customer focused. Yes, you heard it right. We listen to our customers and bring in the most innovative and fun products that they always wanted.

That’s why we built a place where people can come to find and discover those unique products – the best products that they can buy online.

Why would you choose us?

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