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6 in 1 200W 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal

Size Guide

Whitening and skin rejuvenation principle
808nm laser can absorb the energy released by laser through the melanin and hemoglobin in the skin, especially water, and generate photothermal effect to convert it into heat, thereby activating various stromal cells such as fibroblasts in the dermis to produce new collagen and elastin. As well as a variety of intercellular matrix, and tissue remodeling, just like exercising on lazy skin, it can rejuvenate and rejuvenate through exercise to achieve whitening and rejuvenation.

Remove pigmentation principle
The 808nm laser penetrates the diseased skin extremely smoothly, enters the lesion, and treats the pigment in the affected area. It is mainly used for black and brown pigments and pigment spots. It combines light and pigment to make it decompose. When the pigment is gradually absorbed by the body, the color of the stain will fade. The laser does not forcibly remove the pigment, but treats it through the skin, but if it is not well taken care of, the skin will leave scars after treatment, and because of its selectivity, it only acts on the pigment particles and does not damage the normal skin.

Hot compress
The hot compress function of this product can expand the local capillaries and promote blood circulation. Effectively promote the introduction of beauty liquid, making the skin more tender.

Firming skin
After the hair removal or after the hot application, the cold compress function can be used to promote capillary contraction. It can effectively tighten the skin.

Product specifications
Laser power: 200W
Wavelength: 808nm
Spot Size of handpiece: 11x20mm2 & 13x29mm2
Cooing: 0-5
Heating: 25-35
Energy: 4-40J/cm2 adjustable
1 level:4Jcm2;    2 level:8Jcm2;    3 level:12Jcm2;    4 level:16Jcm2;     5 level:40Jcm2
Control:5 levels,Emergency switch
Pulse width: 100-600ms
Pulse: 1,000,000 Pulse
Flashes: 1,000,000 Flashes
Shoots: 1,000,000 Shoots
Frequecy: 0.8-4Hz
Input Voltage: 110V/220V 50/60Hz
Machine size: 295*230*135cm
Hair removal handle size: 145*68*50mm
Cold handle size: 135*68*50mm

Packing list:
1 X 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Device
1 X Big head 13x29mm2
1 X Small head 11x20mm2
1 X Hair removal handle
1 X Cold handle

1 X English manual


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