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Professional Digital Tens Physiotherapy Pain Relief machine (28 modes)

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Professional Digital Tens Physiotherapy Pain Relief machine (28 modes)



Pain Relief that's Simple and doesn't Cost You 1,000's of Dollars💁‍♀️‼.

This our latest design Touch Screen TENS Unit (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) & Muscle Stimulator is perfect for muscle and nerve pain relief. 

The advanced technology sends out multiple electrical therapeutic waves through the electrodes. These waves stimulate the combination of deep tissue pain relief techniques and various muscle movements, relieving muscle tension. This unit is portable, so you can stimulate your nerves and muscles and relax your body-anytime anywhere. It is completely drug-free and the large Touchscreen LCD display with new featured backlight shows you at a glance exactly what you need for your targeted mode.


  • Be Pain-Free- TENS helps with chronic pain such as Lower Back, Sciatica (never pain in the leg or buttock), Neck, Shoulder or Arthritis Pains

    • Feel Happier & Energized - As it helps to improve Your Sleep and Boost Energy Allows you to Enjoy Life by getting back to the Activities You Love.

      • Reduces Stress and Muscle Tension - help you relax after a long day Great for office workers with tension headaches due to long computer use.

        • Personal Massoust- Use on a variety of body parts or trigger points Be active to enjoy your time more, able to play with friends and family.

          • Promotes Weight Loss - Use EMS for muscle strengthening/building and toning.

            • Great for injury recovery- Reduce inflammation and soreness, increase blood and oxygen flow.
              • Look and Feel Younger - Because increased blood flow helps rejuvenate your skin Easy to Use, Provides Quick Results

                The Touch Screen Digital Meridian TENS Physiotherapy Instrument with 28 Modes.


                1. Adopt TENS & EMS technology with built-in 28 stimulation modes for multipurpose massage experience ranging from tuina, acupuncture, tapping, guasha, cupping, combination, shiatsu, deep tissue massage, bodybuilding, and more, can effectively relieve pain and fatigue, promote blood circulation and metabolism or stimulate muscle for enhanced muscle performance of different body parts like head, shoulder, waist, back, buttocks, legs and etc.

                2. Clear 4.3 inch LCD backlight display enables easy and direct viewing both during the day or night, even in the dim environment.

                3. Two operation ways supported: sensitive touch control or pressing buttons control(a high-quality touch pen supplied), you can freely switch modes, adjust time or intensity and power on/off according to your operation preference.

                4. Equipped with dual independent outputs (A, B Channel) to allow customization applications in different areas simultaneously or share with your friends or family members together.

                5. Built-in rechargeable 300mAh battery with long life performance can be directly charged with a USB cable for powerful continuous enjoyment, only 2 to 3 hours needed for about 12 hours working duration.

                6. Portable and lightweight design, effortless to put in your bag or backpack, space-saving with carrying a breeze.

                7. Well organized and stored in a package box, the ideal gift to show you care for your loved ones such as your family or friends, really a practical personal fitness keeper device in the busy modern life.

                Product Specification

                Material: ABS Shell Color: Black Plug Type: US Plug Screen Type: 4.3 inch LCD Backlight Touch Display Battery Type: Built-in Rechargeable 300mAh Battery Battery Lifespan: 600 Charges Charging Time: 2-3 Hours Working Time: 12 Hours(After Fully Charged) Size: 13*6.5*0.9cm

                28 Massage Modes

                1.Tuina 2.Acupuncture 3.Tapping 4.Immunoregulation 5.Malaxation 6.Back Massage 7. Cupping Therapy 8. Head Massage 9.Body Building 10.Ankle Massage 11.Scrapping(Guasha) 12.Hot Compress 13-16 Leg Massage 17-19 Elbow Massage 20 Joint 21-24 Whole Body Relaxation 25-26 Knee 27 Foot 28 Stretch

                Package Included

                1* Electric Therapy Massager 1* Touch Pen 4* Electrode Pads(2 Pairs) 2* Electrode Wires 1* Charger Adapter(US/EU) 1* USB Cable 1* Pad Holder 1* User Manual 1* Application Acupuncture Points Chart

                The kit includes 4 electrode pads which will last you for a long time depending on the usage like any other Tens machine in the market. make sure you clean them up and store securely which will help them last longer. You can also buy extra pads for backup by clicking HERE.


                The Touch Screen Digital Meridian TENS Physiotherapy Instrument with 16 Modes (Model 2)


                The rechargeable pulse massager adopts the physical massage principle of electronic acupuncture, and uses the low-frequency pulse to imitate the 16 basic techniques of acupuncture massage, quickly improve the local blood circulation, promote metabolism, and have special effects on relieving fatigue and dissolving specific fat. Function: Eliminate fatigue, relieve muscles, soreness, neuralgia, etc., promote blood circulation in various massage parts, and continuously increase body immunity.


                (1) This product is mainly used for home electronic health massage to prevent the sub-health state of family members. Secondly, it can also be used for acupuncture and massage therapy in Chinese medicine.

                (2) The scope of use of this product: family, business gifts, shops, hotels, medical care, offices, etc.


                1. 20 minutes system default massage time, can be modulated for 10-60 minutes massage time.

                2. Rechargeable type, 16 massage modes are free to choose.

                3. 20-speed adjustment, dual-channel output interface, can independently adjust different massage methods and massage strength.

                16 Modes

                1. Side palm kneading massage 2. Flat palm kneading massage 3. Crosscut fist kneading massage 4. Vertical fist kneading massage 5. Acupuncture 6. Moxibustion 7. Acupuncture and kneading massage 8. Reduce friction 9. Finger pressure 10. Vibrating massage 11. Lift pinch operation 12. Vibration manipulation 13. Foot Reflexology 14. Footboard massage 15. Ear pressure kneading 16. Ear pinch operation

                Package Included

                1 x Massager Device 2 x Small Electrode Pads 2 x Large Electrode Pads 1 x Acupuncture Point Chart 2 x Electric Wires 1 x Manual 1 x USB Cable 1 x Adapter

                The kit includes 4 electrode pads which will last you for a long time depending on the usage like any other Tens machine in the market. make sure you clean them up and store securely which will help them last longer. You can also buy extra pads for backup by clickingHERE.


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